Subject: CHEERS!

Hi All,

On the second day of tree demolition there was a minor mishap with the cable lines to our neighbor’s house being cut.  Though understandable, given where the lines were, it was unfortunate that it affected a neighbor.  That said, I spoke with her this morning to apologize for the inconvenience and give her a “heads up” on some of the planting that was coming out.  I wanted to share with you our conversation.

She had nothing but praise for your team!  They were grateful that you handled the cable fix as quickly as you did.  She thought it was extremely thoughtful of you to have mailed out letters giving them your contact info.  She commented on how great the tree barriers look and how professional everything has been handled, thus far.  Of the 10 minutes we were on the phone, I think she spent 5 of those acknowledging your team’s professionalism.  

Thank you!  Thank you for your quick response.  Thank you for your consideration of all of our neighbors.  Most of all, thank you for the quality and care you are taking with our future home.