“What Our Customers Have To Say”

Nicest House

Kevin and Steve,

I can’t tell you how many calls I have gotten from residents who comment that I have the nicest house and lot in St. Andrews.  Recently I got 5 calls from people saying that they heard we were selling and would like to buy.   Not sure where that rumor came from but it is the furthest from the truth.


16,000 Sq. Ft. -One of a kind!


Once again I want to thank you for the job that you and your team did in building the house. It really is spectacular and one of a kind.  My guess is that it is one of the nicest houses in St Andrews.

Bob S.

Good Follow Up (2018)

Thanks, Steve

Delighted and this sets you apart from the rest.

Your after care and follow up is the best and what others should strive to become.


Subcontractor Appreciation 2018

I  want to commend you and your team for an incredible job on this project.  I can easily see all the details and everything else that went in to building a project like this, and I know very well what the city makes us go thru, so I know it wasn’t easy.  

 I work for a lot of Builders, designers and other contractors throughout South Florida, and there are not many that take such pride in building their projects like this.  This one is by far one of the premier locations in Ft Lauderdale, and this one truly stands out among the others. 

Congratulations on a job well done.  


Bill Feinberg, President 
Allied Kitchen and Bath

Causeway Lumber Letter




Angie Whiddon,
Chairman of the Board



Dear Steve:
A Mrs. Andrea B. phoned my home last Sunday afternoon and said she knew you had done some work at my home and asked me what I thought of Paskoski Construction.

Needless to say, we were on the phone for a while. It was with great pleasure that I could not only recommend your company, but also your crew and subs.

I told her you were one of the most conscientious people I’ve ever worked with and that you were meticulous about even the smallest detail.

I also told her how accommodating your men were, even to the extent of using a ladder to the second floor rather than tracking all through the house…not to mention that they even watched the house while I was away and then locked up for me.

Steve, it’s always a pleasure to recommend someone as qualified as yourself. I hope you get the job in question.

I’m considering going ahead with remodeling the kitchen and enclosing the porch/patio, but it will probably be the first of the year before I can get around to it. I will call you when I’ve made a decision.





 Angie Whiddon
Causeway Lumber Company  

Customer Appreciation Letter 33316

Dear Steve: Enclosed please find our check to cover the “Final Draw Request” on 3000 Holiday Drive, #1202 and #1203.Although your letterhead touts that you are “Licensed and Insured” we feel there are added applicable adjectives for the workmanship and personnel of Paskoski Construction, Inc., including, alphabetically, but not necessarily in order of appreciation:

  • Accomodating
  • Accountable
  • Courteous
  • Diplomatic
  • Foremost
  • Innovative
  • Masterful
  • Paramount
  • Personable
  • Premier
  • Professional
  • Proficient
  • Punctual
  • Resourceful
  • Skillful
  • Superior
  • Tasteful

We thank you, Steve, for creating our new oceanside aerie space. May the future continue to hold opportunities for rewarding expression to you and your staff.



Blessed Holidays, Dan and Jane Carter

Per Design Letter

Dear Steve: We are finally all settled into living in the lovely space that you helped create for Larry and I. I cannot express our sincere gratitude in helping turn our dreams into reality. In the past, we have worked with general contractors both on projects for myself as well as my clients, and the projects have turned into nightmares. But, you were different. From drafting the contract to the day we moved in, you and your wonderful subs, were nothing short of incredible. You delivered all of your promises. We contracted with you in October, and moved in the first week of February.. I still cannot believe what a wonderful crew of men you have working for you. They never gave us anything but 100% of themselves on a daily basis. It was a great pleasure dealing with such an incredibly honest man as yourself. Here’s hoping that we may work again with each other in
the future. I remain, Very truly yours,
Marsha R. Per Per Designs

John Barman Referral


Hi John,

I met you when we both participated in the Evelyn Lauder show house on West End in NYC, I designed the kitchen and breakfast room and I loved your rams head. I remember the wonderful spread on your beautiful apartment in Miami in Architectural Digest and I am hoping you can steer me to a good builder in the Miami area. I have a client who has a home in Bal Harbor that needs renovating. I will be doing the interior design work but we need a good reliable architect and contractor in the area. If you have some names that you are willing to share, I would be most appreciative. Thank you, Patricia Fisher

Hi Patricia

Nice to hear from you, Have an excellent contractor who just finished a nice job in Bal Harbor.

Steve Paskoski

954 522 1258.

  Quality work, great team and on time. Couldn’t recommend them more highly.



  John Barman John Barman Inc. Design & Decoration 500 Park Avenue New York, NY 10022


Comments from Lower Lobby Security


Subject:Comments from Lower Lobby Security

I was getting a package today from Kelly in the lower lobby and I asked, “How are the construction guys doing?”  He said…terrific!  He told me that your team is the most professional he has every encountered.  A pleasure to deal with.  Kelly also said that another resident commented to him that he would love this construction company.  As you can imagine, often the building folks deal with some outside coconuts who aren’t very professional and end up making life harder for our building employees.

So, I wanted to pass this along. Great work.



I will certainly be in touch as new major projects come to life. You and all the folks at Paskoski construction have been great to work with. I truly appreciate your continued guidance.

Best, Lucy Henderson


Kevin and Steve, Sorry to bother you gentlemen after hours but….just walked into our house and WOWWWW! Our master suite and office looks gorgeous!!!! Really stunning! Thank you so much for all your efforts and attention to detail! What a team!!! Kris

“Stunned into Silence”



Thanks so much for the continuing adjustments to the excellent work you all did on our condo. People walk in and tour and are stunned into silence! I freely tell them that Paskoski did the work.

Again, thanks to all.



Subject:FW: Thank you


I am very grateful to you, Mark and Kevin for helping my parents and sister Betty with speedy service.! Thank you so much!


Praise From Florida Design

16 Years Later