Quality in Construction

All buildings are not created equal. There are many options available to a builder when constructing a home. The blueprints he works from specify only featured materials to be used, leaving much of the rest to the contractors discretion. Something seemingly as minor as the caulking on your windows can cost as little as $3.00 per tube and well over $20.00 per tube. Which one do you want on your windows? Multiply this by the hundreds of products used to construct your home and you can begin to see that all homes are not created equal and all builders are not equal.

This is not to say that you must spend the most to get the best. A good builder does his homework and finds the products that bring you the best value within your budget. Whether your budget is $200 per square foot or $800 per square foot, a conscientious builder will get you the “best bang for your buck”.

Someone exploring contractors to build their home should be leery of a low bid or they could be weary when the process is over. All too often, the horror stories you hear in construction begin with a low bid. If the price you get to build your home seems too good to be true, then it probably is. Ultimately, you get what you pay for and in many cases even less.

This is why it is also the homeowners responsibility to do their homework. You must take the time to search out a builder with a reputation for quality work and who is a “good fit” for you. Find a builder with longevity in the business who is familiar with South Florida’s unique building conditions and building codes. You will be spending a lot of time with your builder and you should have an honest and comfortable rapport. This will give you the confidence in knowing that your builder has your best interest in mind. This translates to a better quality product.

Good communication is key to getting what you want within your budget. There are many decisions to be made and this can be overwhelming for most people. This is why a good interior designer and landscape architect are as equally important as the architect. They explore what you want within your budget and find the best materials to help create your dream home. A good contractor then will shop for the best price for their client. It takes a builder who will not only take the time to do this but who also has established a network of sources to get the best value for their client. This takes years of experience and hard work for any builder to sort the wheat from the chaff.

In the end, taking the time to focus on a quality contractor, one that brings lasting value to your new home, is time well spent!