“We are inspired by people ~ inspired by teamwork ~
working together to create something special, unique and beautiful.”
-Steve Paskoski
Paskoski Construction has established a distinguished reputation for its rigorous approach to custom home building. Founded more than 35 years ago by Steven Paskoski, the South Florida-based builder has successfully executed hundreds of full-scale residential projects with a body of work that is as diverse as the clients they represent. “We love building – period,” enthuses Paskoski, whose impressive portfolio dots the Eastern Seaboard. “We have constructed all styles from traditional to Mediterranean to ultramodern.”

Founded in 1980 upon the premise that teamwork is the key element to a successful project, Paskoski Construction has maintained its original maxim for over three decades.


National Aurora Award Winner

“Our greatest success has been surrounding ourselves with exceptional people, at the top of their game, who give 100 percent and take pride in their work.”Kevin Brooks, the company’s vice president, exemplifies this philosophy, given that he joined the company 15 years ago as an entry-level team member and in less than two years, according to Paskoski, “was running everything in the field.” He was made partner shortly thereafter.

Together, Paskoski and Brooks construct extraordinary residences – always operating on the teamwork mantra. “Our goal is always to make everyone feel like a team going forward, working together and communicating well,” Brooks says. “That is how a job gets done in record time and with great quality.”

“Our mission is to build projects of lasting quality and in doing so create an atmosphere that inspires the best efforts of all and exceeds the expectations of our clients.”


Another component that individualizes the builders is their in-house carpentry service. The firm employs award-winning carpenters, all of whom specialize in old-world craftsmanship. “I think carpenters are the backbone of any construction project, so it’s nice to have our own guys,” Paskoski say. This aspect of the business is invaluable, especially when building modern homes, for which they are known. “Recently we have been building many modern homes, and these require excellent craftsmanship due to the long, clean, straight lines that visually draw you in,” Brooks says. “These have to be perfect. We are really good at it.


Twice Winner of the National Chrysalis Award